Bingo Emmons Fundraiser

We want to thank Bob Vehring and 4 Cycle Central for sponsoring the Bucks for Bingo Fundraiser. Dave Ellingham and Bob, both longtime friends of Bingo, were there supporting and encouraging us. We are not finished with the doctor appointments, surgeries, or therapy, and there is still a lot of healing to do, but all of the support from the fundraiser will help. We also want to thank everyone who donated prizes for the fundraiser and Chris Burke who made the Bucks for Bingo Fundraiser website. The last six months were a road we never want to travel again. We also want to thank every one of you who bought raffle tickets. Some of you are longtime friends and some of you are strangers who gave out of the kindness of your heart. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your prayers, support and encouragement!

Thank you so very much!

Deb, Bingo, and family

Thanks to everyone who participated in the raffle! We were able to raise over $6,300 for Bingo and his family. Here is a list of winners:

  • Dan Roche - Merlin Racing Kart
  • Steve Pribyl - Briggs & Stratton P2000 Generator
  • Stacy Nelson - Mychron 4 and steering wheel
  • Bob Prusinski - $500
  • Peggy Johnson - $500
  • Trent Rausch - Samsung Galaxy 3 Tablet and Accessories
  • Regan Vehring - L&T Dry Mini-Clutch
  • Dan Ring - Precision Digital Memory Tire Gauge
  • Sandy Mitz - Coleman mini-starter
  • Chuck Pinkalla - BKC 2014 race entries
  • Kevin Lind - 15 BKC pit passes
  • Scott Mayer - 15 BKC pit passes
  • Troy Hildebrandt - Gorilla Guard pit mat
  • Russ Valin - Gorilla Guard pit mat
  • Bob Della - Racing suit
  • Lucy Spoerk - Set of Bridgestone racing tires
  • Nate Gish - Set of Bridgestone racing tires
  • Mallette Family - Set of Bridgestone racing tires
  • Porter Weisensel - Dog training and boarding
  • Lucy Spoerk - Milwaukee Bucks tickets
  • John Skowron - Milwaukee Bucks tickets
  • Bob Prusinski - Milwaukee Bucks tickets
  • Peggy Johnson - Great Lakes Sno-X tickets
  • Gina Unterweger - Great Lakes Sno-X tickets
  • Nick Stagl - Great Lakes Sno-X tickets
  • Sandy Mitz - Great Lakes Sno-X tickets
  • Joey Sproule - Bob Cruse photo
  • Zach Emmons - Comet Kart Sales racing gloves
  • Mark Hansen - Comet Kart Sales racing gloves
  • R. Hettner - Comet Kart Sales racing gloves
  • Lucy Spoerk - Comet Kart Sales sweatshirt
  • Chase Lemay - Comet Kart Sales sweatshirt
  • Dave Cass - Comet Kart Sales sweatshirt
  • Regan Vehring - Comet Kart Sales T-shirt
  • Lucy Spoerk - Comet Kart Sales T-shirt
  • Leanna Ostrowski - Comet Kart Sales t-shirt
  • Sandy Mitz - Comet Kart Sales T-shirt
  • Gordy Gahagan - Comet Kart Sales T-shirt

Congratulations to all the winners, and thanks to everyone who dontaed prizes or bought tickets!